Western Australia - Travel Guide

Almost twice as big as Mongolia, and just as remote, it's impossible to visually represent the whole of Western Australia on a postcard. Stand in the middle and you'll be about as far away from anyone else as it's possible to be on this planet without getting rather wet. Head north and you'll find yourself in a spectacular tropical wilderness of giant gorges and crocodile-infested rivers. Follow the near-deserted Indian Ocean coastline to the southern corner and you won't be able to escape the rolling waves and boutique wineries. The sight of dainty wildflowers growing alongside Karri forests as high as a football field is long is truly memorable, as is the red dusty plains, the searing outback heat and the stride of a red kangaroo as it bounces off into the sunset.

Read below for more information about the diverse regions of the state or check out the things to do in Western Australia.

Regions of Western Australia


There's virtually nothing in between Perth and Sydney except 3300km of dirt and sand. Darwin, and the Indonesian capital Jakarta aren't much closer, and Adelaide is still over 2000km away. Despite its insane remoteness, Perth is a beautifully modern city with beautiful modern people and beautiful modern amenities. It takes ages to get there, but the trip is certainly worth it. You'll find wonderful restaurants, picturesque scenery and a culture that almost seems more British than Australian.

Margaret River

Drive a few hours' south of Perth and you'll find yourself in this spectacular wine region on the southeast coast. The grapes are legendary and so is the surf. Home to possibly the best Chardonnay in the world, and some amazing reef breaks off the coast, it's no wonder the southwest coast of WA is one of the fastest growing regions in Australia. Go see it before everyone else does.

The South

Famous for its tall trees, ocean breezes, mountain ranges and perhaps the freshest, most amazing seafood in the world, the southern end of Western Australia is an absolute gem.

The Middle

The middle of Western Australia truly is in the middle of nowhere. Apart from cattle stations the size of Belgium and a few mining towns (such as Kalgoorlie and Newman), this is the kind of place you can really escape from all the troubles of your everyday life.

The Kimberley & The Pilbara

These two vast natural wilderness areas are seen by few Australians, simply because they are so far away from the population. Getting there is like travelling to Alaska from Los Angeles, or from Scotland to the North Pole. The Pilbara and its adjacent coastlines are the most stable region on the planet, with the world's oldest (and some say prettiest) rocks. The Kimberley is a quintessential slice of Australia; huge, old, full of character, either dry and dusty or soaking with rain, and at all times spectacularly beautiful.

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