Queensland Travel Guide

Beautiful one day, perfect the next; that's the official slogan and it's not far from the truth. Queensland is huge, and the northern towns are closer to Asia than they are to the state capital Brisbane. It's the fastest-growing state in Australia and the weather is almost always outstanding (as long as you like it hot and/or wet).

Regions of Queensland


It's known affectionately as Bris-vegas, but no-one really knows why (although it does have a gorgeous, heritage-listed casino). Brisbane is an impressive city that hugs the winding Brisbane River and is a mix of tall, modern office buildings, stylish new architecture and classic old Queenslanders. This is Australia's most liveable city and it's easy to see why.

The Gold Coast

The undisputed holiday capital of Australia; if you enjoy the sun and surf you'll fit right in on the Gold Coast. 40km of beachfront high-rise apartments make it sound like a Floridian nightmare, but there are no gators and the pristine National Parks in the surrounding mountains provide welcome relief from the glitz and, ahem, glamour.

The Sunshine Coast

Officially the fastest growing region in the country, people flock to the 'Sunny Coast' for exactly what you'd expect from the name; wonderful beaming sunshine. Unlike the Gold Coast, which feels like a city, the Sunshine Coast feels like a string of small, but bulging coastal suburbs, hugging a pristine coastline, surrounded by a quirky mountain range.

Far North Queensland

While the rest of Queensland is hot, far north Queensland is just plain balmy. A tropical paradise that looks like Papua New Guinea on the edge of the bluest ocean in the world, north Queensland is a tropical paradise. Wonderfully warm all year round, every day is perfect for swimming and soaking up the sun. With a distinct wet and dry season, although you can enjoy a holiday there any time of year, the winter promises consistent sun with no chance of the regular afternoon storms that occur in the summer months.

The Whitsundays

Just like the Caribbean without reggae or pirates, The Whitsunday Islands are the jewels in the crown that is The Great Barrier Reef. World-class diving, yachting and drinking are the main attractions.

Outback Queensland

For a taste of the real Australia head out to the Outback. Here you'll find vast landscapes of rugged mountains, vast desert plains, huge cattle stations, traditional little pubs and some hardy yet really friendly locals. The outback is littered with historic reminders of our pioneering days when new comers had to battle the heat and the earth to make a living.

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