Northern Territory Travel Guide

Possibly the only state in the world where it can be literally freezing in one city and half-way to boiling point in another; the Northern Territory is quite the land of contrasts. From the languid multiculturalism of capital Darwin, to the raw, earthen beauty of Uluru, the crocodile-infested estuaries of Kakadu and Arnhem Land, and the wide, brown deserts splayed across the landscape, this is a spiritual place and well worth a look.

Regions of Northern Territory


Its population of over 100,000 live closer to the equator than the Jamaicans, and they're just as laid back. The town is famous for its Beer Can Regatta, multicultural atmosphere, and languid, tropical lifestyle.


The winding rivers, amazing waterfalls, beautiful wetland sunsets, birdlife, crocodiles and aboriginal culture make this an amazing place. It's the epitome of Australian wilderness and there are tours that can give you a taste of this wild place.

Arnhem Land

Most of it is Aboriginal territory and off-limits to travellers without a permit. If you can get one, it's well worth the trip to see a unique insight into the genesis of the Australian continent and its people.

Alice Springs

A big town in a big state, The Alice is famous for its dry river and great pubs. There is always an assortment of people passing through this regional connection town. Backpackers, farmers, truckers, miners and business people all seem to find their way here for some reason or another.


They used to call it Ayers Rock, but Mr Ayer can hardly lay claim to it and it has recently been handed back to the original land owners. Possibly Australia's most recognisable icon, Uluru is of significant spiritual importance to the local Aboriginal people, who still allow tourists to visit but no longer climb the feature. You can't say you've really seen Australia until you've been there.

Outback Northern Territory

Vast isn't the word for the expanse of land in the Northern Territory. There is no word, nor are there any speed limits.

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