Parks And Gardens in Sydney - NSW

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Chinese Garden of Friendship

Initiated by the local Chinese community to celebrate Australia’s 1988 Bicentenary and share their rich cultural heritage, the Chinese Garden is the result of a close bond of friendship and co-operation between the sister cities of Sydney in NSW, Australi

May Gibb`s Nutcote House & Garden

May Gibbs was born on the 17th of January 1877 and every year her birth is celebrated at Nutcote on the Sunday closest to the 17th. The next event is on Sunday the 18th of January, 2009. Friends of Nutcote and members of the public are welcome, as well as Scotty dogs and their owners. May Gibbs bred Scotties and they featured in her books and comic strips. Accordingly we request only Scotties and West Highland terriers in the canine category. Their distinctve shape made them good subjects for May's art, which will be on display

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